Offre d’emploi pour la recherche en homœopathie

Le HRI (Homeopathic Reseach Intitude) offre des opportunités intéressantes dans la recherche fondamentale en homéopathie au sein de deux universités européennes:

Poste de doctorat de l’Université de Berne pour un projet de recherche fondamentale en médecine intégrative

Poste à temps partiel à l’University of Witten / Herdecke

Exciting opportunities in homeopathic basic research We are pleased to share details of opportunities to be part of the growing field of homeopathy research at two European universities:
  University of Bern PhD Position for an Integrative Medicine Fundamental Research Project
Highly motivated student with a strong passion for physics and chemistry to join research group determining NMR T1 and T2 relaxation properties of potentized preparations, in order to provide information about water structuring. 

Person requirements include:
– Interest in complementary and integrative medicine, with a focus on homeopathy – High levels of scientific curiosity
– MSc in Physics or Chemistry. 

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  University of Witten / Herdecke Research Associate
Part-time position (20 to 28 hours per week) which is limited to three years – until August 31, 2024 – due to the timescale of the project. As part of the employment, a doctorate is a possible and desirable outcome. This role involves: 

– Working with bioassays (especially the Lemna gibba intoxication model)
– Test planning and implementation as part of a small team
– Publishing in scientific journals.

The ideal candidate will hold a University degree in natural sciences or pharmacy (M.Sc. or diploma), as well as having a keen interest in complementary medicine and homeopathy.

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  HRI is an innovative international charity dedicated to promoting high quality scientific research in homeopathy.

Registered charity number: 1132901  

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